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About George Mathers & Co

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Criminal Department

Our criminal law team comprises 7 solicitors and includes George Mathers LLb, N.P, a qualified Solicitor Advocate with rights of audience in the High Court of Justiciary.
The other solicitors who can take care of your legal needs include:
  • Leslie Green LLb(Hons)
  • Paul Barnett LLb (Hons), Dip.L.P, N.P
  • Neil McRobert LLb (Hons), Dip.L.P, N.P
  • John McLeod LLb (Hons), N.P
  • Christopher Maitland LLb (Hons), Dip.L.P, N.P
  • Michael Burnett, LLb (Hons), Dip.L.P, N.P
Criminal litigation
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Civil Department

Head of Department William Findlay LLB(Hons), Dip L.P, N.P has been with George Mathers and Co for over 20 years and as such is one of the most experienced civil litigators in the North East of Scotland. 
Civil law specialists
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